Sugar Magnolia Massage

Sarah Tarpley Graves, NCBTMB, RMT

Center For Massage and Natural Health, Asheville, N.C.

Integrated bodywork that addresses the specific needs of the individual person at time of appointment

Mission: To educate people on a holistic approach to their health and wellness, that is both fun and effective, through bodywork.

I began my path of massage at the young age of five, and discovered it was one of my gifts. Growing up an athlete, I saw the necessity for keeping the body in a space of homeostasis. Coming from a family that has been in the medical field since the 1920's, I felt drawn to healthcare. I wanted to find a way to naturally help people, and teach them a path to their own wellness. Massage therapy began my exploration of the field. After graduating from school, I began choosing continuing education courses such as Craniosacral therapy, lymphatic drainage and Sacred Lomi to help people bridge the gap between the connection of their energetic bodies to their physical bodies; allowing the Mind Body connection to take place. This is where true healing begins. 

At this point, I have been practicing massage for 15 years, and Reiki for 9 years. The healing power of touch makes such a significant difference in this fast paced world we are living. If you are ready to explore how you can delve deeper into your own spiritual journey of wellness and potential, please call today. 







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